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Welcome to EvoCity Roleplay

Evocity Roleplay is a roleplay community for FiveM. Feel free to explore the forums and find any answers you are looking for!

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  • EvoCityRP Community Rules


    Welcome to EvoCity Roleplay, please read the rules before you begin to play on the server to ensure that you get the best experience. The staff team hope you enjoy your time here on the server. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the designated discord channels. 


    General Rules


    1.1 - You are required to have and use a microphone when playing on the server.


    1.2 -  You must speak and understand English fully.


    1.3 -  Derogatory remarks, words, references etc (whether in RP/OOC/Discord) regarding race, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc will not be tolerated in the community.


    1.4 - No RDM (Random Death Match) - Killing/attempting to kill someone with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reasoning is not allowed on the server.


    1.5 -  No VDM (Vehicle Death Match) - Using your vehicle as a weapon to kill or injure someone with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reasoning.


    1.6 - No Metagaming - Using information received out of roleplay to benefit your roleplay/characters knowledge, where otherwise you would not know the information. Stream sniping (watching a players stream in order to find them, meta-game, or any other action in the game) is also not allowed.


    1.7 -  You must not use in-game exploits to gain advantages over other players or to give yourself advantages. Exploiting bugs in the game or any other type of cheat will result in you being banned from the server. Visual mods are allowed.


    1.8 -  The Directors may ban any person they consider disruptive to the community. For example, personal attacks on other members, threats to the server or infrastructure, or misusing functionality provided by the community for purposes other than for the benefit of the community.


    1.9 -  No Power Gaming - The involves using either game or roleplay mechanics to alter a situation so it best suits your desires. You must be willing to roleplay a situation to its fullest and not ruin the experience of others.


    1.10 -  No FailRP - This is a rather vague term and can encompass many different things, but in general terms it is when a players does something that, in the real world, would be completely unthinkable to most people.


    1.11 - Breaking RP - Don’t break roleplay whatsoever and don’t go out of character whatever happens. You may use /looc or /ooc for an out of character question, otherwise breaking roleplay will lead to a punishment.


    1.12 -  Cop Baiting - Cop baiting is not permitted. Do not purposefully try and get police attention on you by doing things you would not do with an officer near you. This includes but is not limited to; burning out in the middle of intersections, purposefully revving your motor at lights to bait a pullover/chase, purposely committing traffic violations in the vicinity of a police officer.


    1.13 -  No Combat Logging - Don’t leave the game to avoid arrest, combat or death. This is taken very seriously and will be met with a punishment.


    1.14 -  Do not sell in game money/items for real cash, you will be permanently removed from the community.


    1.15 - AFKing - When you go AFK, anything that happens when you are gone is your issue. However if you do come across and AFK player, do not kill, harm or mess with them.


    1.16 - Chat - Don’t use chat in a disrespectful manner and also do not spam chat such as with OOC or Twitter.

    Character Rules


    2.1 - NLR (New Life Rule) - When you die at a scene and the EMS couldn’t revive you or didn’t manage to reach you in time, you must forget anything that happened leading to your death. You shouldn’t return to the area of your death for at least 10 minutes, you cannot take revenge against those who killed you and you should also try and avoid any roleplay directly relating to your death.


    2.2 - Value of your Own Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. If you are outnumbered you must comply. 


    2.3 - Valuing Other’s Lives - If a person values their own life, for instance, follows orders when at gunpoint, you may not kill them. If a person is non-cooperative however, then you do not have to value their life.


    2.4 - Roleplaying Sexual Assault/Rape isn’t allowed.


    2.5 -  Character Customisation - You must customize your character, playing as a default character isn't allowed and if seen playing like this you will be asked to change it.


    2.6 -  TerroristRP such as crashing planes on purpose isn’t allowed, however you can use explosives if roleplayed correctly.


    2.7 -  Impersonating Police or EMS is not allowed on the server.

    2.8 - Restraints - If you are in restraints (hands up or police restraints) you must broadcast in the game what you are saying on Teamspeak/group unless your communication devices have been taken. (Take communications by /me takes communication devices.) 


    2.9 - Unrealistic Phone Usage - You cannot use a mobile phone or twitter/ad/anontwitter etc when in prison or when your hands are restrained (i.e handcuffed etc).


    2.10 - Road traffic crashes must be roleplayed properly. Going out of the car with your weapon holding the other player at gunpoint just because he crashed into you isn’t acceptable and not a valid roleplay reason. 


    2.11 - You cannot steal military vehicles or enter the military base at any point as it is off limits to the public as a real one would be.


    2.12 - Taking out your weapon for no roleplay purpose in the middle of the street just to show off in public is to be considered as non realistic roleplay and will lead to a punishment. There must be a valid reason to pull out your weapon, otherwise it will be considered as fail roleplay.


    2.13 - If you see an on-going police robbery/hostage situation etc and aren’t involved, you cannot interfere at all.


    2.14 - Whitelisting Job Abuse - Being a whitelisted job is a privilege that should not be abused. To prevent abuse such as, but not limited to handing out police firearms, reviving friends while an off-duty medic or repairing cars while off duty as a mechanic. 


    In Game Voice Rules


    3.1 - You may only communicate via 3rd party software if you speak in game also (as if you are using it as a radio. In general terms, anything you say through a piece of 3rd Party Software should also be spoken in-game when around other players.


    3.2 - Unrealistic Usage -  When in police custody or arrested/detained you cannot speak through any 3rd party software to give away RP information etc. The same logic also applies if you are taken hostage and have your communications taken. 


    3.3 - Mic Spam - Don’t spam your microphone/earrape with your microphone. 


    3.4 -  Usage of Voice Changers - You can use voice changers but keep it realistic, so no completely unrealistic voices. You could use megaphone sounds for example if you were realistically in a position to use one (like using one in a police car as the police PA system).

    Weapon Rules


    4.1 -  /ME Command for Weapons - You must RP take your weapon out using /me of a bag or car unless it’s one of the weapons mentioned below. Police are allowed to sling a weapon but have to /me taking the weapon from the sling due to not being able to possess a bag. If you are a civilian and you possess a bag you can /me a large weapon from it. If you jump into a vehicle the /me command is reset and you must do this every time you leave a vehicle. 

    Weapons with no need for /me’s:

    • All Pistols/Revolvers
    • Stun Guns
    • Throwable Weapons
    • Knife
    • Hammer
    • Switchblade
    • Knuckle Duster
    • Hatchet
    • Wrench
    • Dagger
    • Bottle
    • Pipe Bomb
    • Machete
    • Flashlight
    • Mini SMG

    Driving Rules


    5.1 - Unrealistic Driving - The Value of Life rule still applies when you are inside a vehicle, drive as realistically as possible (Driving off-road in an unsuitable vehicle - there are 4x4s for a reason, hitting jumps etc. Just general unrealistic driving) Be especially careful when driving through heavily populated areas such as the city, where you speed shouldn’t really exceed 150mph as it is not very realistic to do that in a city at all.


    5.2 - Attempts at stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane, etc, should be made, especially in high population areas.


    Crime Related Rules


    6.1 -  You can not advertise sales of illegal locations such as drug, black market locations etc on twitter etc. 


    6.2 - If you see an on-going police robbery/hostage situation etc and aren’t involved, you cannot interfere at all.


    6.3 - No Illegal Activities such as Robbing/Kidnapping players should occur in these areas of the Map:

    • Garages (Legion, etc)
    • Car Dealers
    • The Mechanic Shop (Near the Airport)
    • The Hospital
    • Clothing Stores

    Killing people should not be occurring in these areas either.
    However, you cannot got here just to avoid being kidnapped/robbed and RP still continues in these zones


    6.4 - Police/EMS cannot conduct illegal activities.


    6.5 - You cannot steal EMS vehicles or Tow Trucks at all. 


    6.6 - You can steal PD vehicles but you need to RP stealing the keys of the vehicle to do so.


    6.7 - You cannot use a friend as a hostage in a robbery/hostage situation.


    6.8 - You cannot take someone to a bank/ATM/House to withdraw money/items.


    6.9 - You cannot call any services (Police/Mechanic/Taxi) to you with the pure intention to rob/kidnap them. This is a form of baiting which is not allowed. If you wish to kidnap/rob any of the previously mentioned then you must find them naturally.


    6.10 - You cannot rob or kidnap more than once every 20 minutes. If it is the same player, you have to wait 40 minutes before robbing/kidnapping them again.


    6.11 - There must be at least 2 officers online to be able to hold up a player. An exception to this rule is in drug location. Due to the nature of the area you are in you may always be robbed/held up.


    6.12 - To rob/kidnap an officer, there must be at least 3 additional officers online to the one you are targeting.


    6.13 - Do not use the garages to spawn a new vehicle when in a police chase, as this would be seen as FailRP.


    6.14 - If you wish to kidnap a player there must be at least 3 officers online.


    6.15 - You cannot rob/kidnap/kill EMS.


    6.16 - The maximum you can demand for a hostage is:

    • 15k for a Civilian or any other job except EMS.
    • 20k for a PD Recruit
    • 25k for PD Patrol Trooper or Senior Patrol Trooper
    • 27k for PD Corporal
    • 30k for PD Sergeant
    • 35k for PD Lieutenant
    • 40k for PD Captain
    • 50k for PD Deputy Commissioner
    • 60k for PD Commissioner.

    6.17 - The phrase “Leave or we shoot”, or the insight to shoot on sight at robberies without negotiations won’t be tolerated. This is due to the fact that it avoids roleplay and only makes the scenario fun for one side. Proper negotiations will have to take place. It might be for hostages, or for your own life, but please allow at least 5 minutes of negotiations upon the cops arriving. Having a robbery scene last for long and having a good roleplay experience makes it enjoyable for all the parties participating, even if it ends in a shootout.


    6.18 - The maximum amount of people who can rob a store together is 4 people.


    6.19 - The maximum amount of people who can rob a bank together is 6 people.


    6.20 - Starting robberies 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after a server restart/crash is not allowed.


    Medical Related Rules


    7.1 - You cannot force an EMS Medic to revive someone or force them to take a person to the hospital to survive. This is interfering with game mechanics and is not fair to EMS who are attempting to roleplay their job properly.


    7.2 - When in a situation with Police/EMS, do not respawn until pronounced dead/allowed to do so.


    7.3 - Unrealistic Revival - When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until EMS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic, RP with them. Police will follow you to the hospital and can take firearms from you before you head to the hospital. Once you are revived, you may not jump up and instantly start shooting police again, it’s unrealistic to recover that quickly.


    7.4 - When you are downed on the ground, you are classed as bleeding out. If you are downed you should be honest about your death and whether or not you could survive it in real life. For example, if you were killed by being shot in the head that would kill you would not possibly be revived. Also, saying that you are dead just to avoid something like going to prison etc also is not allowed (So being shot in a less lethal area such as a foot - you probably wouldn’t die).


    Medical RP Guidelines: When you are dead you should respond to the EMS with /me’s so for example if they do “/me checks pulse” over you, you should respond if you have a pulse or not relative to what has happened to you. Another example would be if the EMS do “/me checks wounds”, you would reply with RP information regarding your wounds. This is very important and improves RP. If you don’t respond the EMS may pronounce you as dead, and you could get sent back to the hospital, losing everything in your inventory.

    7.5 - Combat Reviving - You cannot be revived/revive someone whilst combat is going on in the immediate area.


    Staff Rules


    8.1 - Respect Staff - At the end of the day the staff are volunteers and are here to try and make your experience as good as possible, treat them with respect the make the community a more enjoyable place to be.


    8.2 - The staff’s decision is final, if you have a problem with it, you can report it.


    8.3 - Don’t interfere with staff situations.


    8.4 - Lying to Staff - Don’t lie to a staff member.


    8.5 - Give Staff Time to Respond. If you require a staff member and have requested one, you should be patient and give them time to respond, they will get to you as soon as possible - spamming them won’t help.


    Discord Specific Rules


    9.1 - Don’t spam chat and avoid typing in caps.

    9.2 - Keep arguments out of the discord.

    9.3 - Do not send any explicit imagery.

    9.4 - No advertising.

    9.5 - No offensive names.

    9.6 - Don’t invite bots.

    9.7 - Do not use @ large amounts of people.

    9.8 - Don’t @ staff without good reasoning.

    9.9 - Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final.

    9.10 - Don’t spam voice chat, includes playing music through your mic/using voice changers.


    Forum Specific Rules


    10.1 - Don’t spam.

    10.2 - Don’t just have general conversations on forum threads, that is what discord is for.

    10.3 - Don’t reply to threads that don’t regard you such as player complaints against someone else etc.

    10.4 - Don’t Falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or any other piece of evidence in refund requests, complaints, etc.

    10.5 - Lie in a refund request, complaints etc.

    10.6 - Use Inappropriate Names, Profiles Images etc.


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