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  1. Steam Name Eyes Discord Name Eyes#5267 Character Name Sam Webb Age 14 Timezone GMT Server Playtime 9 Character Backstory Recently moved to Los Santos. Looking for a job. Do you have any previous experience as the EMS? I have previous experience in some places, such as a Garry’s mod server, where I sometimes played as a Paramedic. For this, I had to drive an ambulance around the map, reviving / healing players when they called for the service. Why do you want to become part of the EMS? I would like to become part of the EMS team as I think I could become a part of the department. I think that with me involved, I can help the department grow and expand. I would like to have this job, as I want to create a sense of realism; to help players when they die. What qualities do you believe you can bring to the EMS? I have the experience I think is required to be EMS. I could bring an experienced, and active player to the EMS team. Additional Information Yes, I made this because of the PD app. I confirm the application is written by me Yes
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