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Welcome to EvoCity Roleplay

Evocity Roleplay is a roleplay community for FiveM. Feel free to explore the forums and find any answers you are looking for!

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  1. EvoCityRP Crafting Recipes This will not include all the required items for these recipes or even all the recipes that exist, you will have to try experimenting with this as you get to know the system. Most recipes are somewhat logical with the items that they require. First you will need to know the black market and crafting locations which can be found in this forum thread. The ones that are not included can still be crafted, the recipes just aren't here so you will have to figure them out yourself if you want to craft them. Misc. Recipies Bullet Proof Vest x1 Kevlar Plate 5x Cloth 5x Iron Gun Recipes AP Pistol x1 Pistol Body x1 AP Pistol Firing Pin x1 AP Mag x1 Strengthened Pistol Barrel x1 Glue x1 Screws SNS Pistol x1 Pistol Body x1 SNS Firing Pin x1 SNS Mag x1 SNS Pistol Barrel x1 Glue x1 Screws Assault Rifle x1 Assault Rifle Body x1 Rifle Firing Pin x1 Rifle Barrel x1 Assault Rifle Stock x1 Glue x1 Screws Gusenberg TBA Mini SMG TBA Sawn Off Shotgun TBA Carbine Rifle TBA
  2. Server Changelog 25/11/2019! Christmas is coming! New Features New Super Bike Dealer New Spawn Location for New Players New Job Centre Location New Custom Jobs Go Postal Job Hunting Job Garbage Job More are to come! Purchasable RC Car New Chistmas Map! Christmas Lights and Trees Added Christmas Market - A Christmas Item Shop with some chritmas food items Updated PDM Vehicle Layout Bug Fixes Seem to have fixed doorlock issue - we will have to see Fixed Stash not loading for police and breaking all shop blips Optimised the vehicle blacklisting Added addition logging Forums Added Christmas Theming! Thanks, EvoCityRP Directors
  3. San Andreas EMS Applications Process Application Accepted Congratulations, the EMS Command Team have decided to accept your application. Message me for the next steps to become a member of the EMS. Signed Nicholas Riviera, EMS Chief
  4. San Andreas Penal Code Please click here to view the penal code. Signed Nick Wiggum, SASP Deputy Commisioner
  5. Server Changelog 17/11/2019! Update!! New Car Dealer Around 20 new cars! New Building with detailed interiors Whitelisted Job! New Police Cars and Police Bike, with new lighting system New EMS Vehicle with EMS Helicopter New Health/Damage System Limb damage and bleeding. New medical supplies can be purchased. Pay for full medical treatment at hospitals when there are no EMS on. Buy Bicycles Pet System (Pet shop on the map) Thanks, EvoCityRP Directors
  6. Server Changelog 1/11/2019! Big update time!! . Added New Inventory System Police Evidence locker changed New Shop System New custom property system: Own all houses on the map Only you own the property Give Keys to People Storage size dependant on house tier Motels There will be more interiors coming soon hopefully! Sell Certain Drugs to NPCs New Drug Run System with new drugs PD and prison doors are hackable to enable the ability to break people out Changed ELS Enable Radios in police vehicles New animation system with over 400 emotes Changed Character Selection Screen Thanks, EvoCityRP Directors
  7. You smell 


    love punda

  8. Post all of your vehicles suggestions on this thread to keep them all in one place and hopefully one day they get added :).
  9. Illegal Locations in the City Some clues may be pictures of the drug location, or very close to it, others may be a riddle that is to do with it's location, you will have to figure it out.... Drugs Sell weed to dodgy locals Meth Field Damn, this one is difficult to pipe up. Meth Processing Meth Dealer Sell to the dodgy locals Opium Field Opium Processing Opium Selling Where Bob the Builder works Coke Field Coke Processing **OOPS IT'S GONE FIND IT YOURSELF** Coke Dealer Directors run the server, but what else do they run and where are they made. Drug Running Start (Ket and LSD) Money Laundry Black Market Castle, and my car lives in this part of it. Crafting R.I.P a form of transport
  10. Server Changelog 13/10/2019! This is a big changelog as it fixes everything from initial public release and what has been finished off and improved since. Game Development Changed PD Job Script Fixed existed jobs and added taxi job with NPC missions and pool cleaning job Fixed and hid drug locations Added Money Laundery (hidden) Add MLO Prison Interior Changed UI (hud and /showinfo etc) Moved Exotic Car Dealer Altered Pricing in all car dealers Optimized the server - taking ~350 resources to ~140! Fixed handling on all vehicles Added playtime counter New Police Vehicles New EMS Vehicle Liveries New Fishing Script Added the hardware store New PD (made by SLB2k11 with edited interior logos to SASP by Dr Nick) Added SASP Uniforms - Dr Nick Added more player customisation options (Jackets, wrinkles etc) Added Improved ban and warn system Added bunch of new properties around the map (even though new system should be coming soon ) Increased fuel capacity with cars Fixed small inventory issue to do with capacity Added weapons to be craftable Added Auto-Restarts at Midnight UK Time Added Control Guide in game Added Loading Screen Music Fixed EMS Job Resource time warning Moved one of the opium locations as it was in the middle of the ocean Fixed database issue Other Changes Updated website and fixed some security flaws New Logo Discord Bot - with live updating server status Something may have been forgotten but this is most of it - server changelogs from now will be more detailed but this one is just so big and filled with random. Thanks, EvoCityRP Dev Team (Dr Nick the server doctor and Panda_buildsssss the absolute legend)
  11. EvoCityRP Important Information and Job Guides Welcome to EvoCityRP and we hope you enjoy your time here, in this post you can find information regarding many different things on the server such as jobs, etc. When you first start off you will be greeting with the character selection screen, here you will click the character you want to play - if it is your first time playing the server, select the first slot and hit create character. You will then have the character creation screen where you will have to provide information regarding the character you are going to play as. You should make sure to take this seriously as this is who you are roleplaying as - yes a few silly names here and there are ok but they should at least be in the format of a name (Not 'xxGamerNoob1' but something like 'Greg Twinkie' or any name that could be found in the real world. The date of birth should also be somewhat realistic, along with the rest of the information Before you begin the roleplay you should also be taking a quick look at the rules which can be found on this forum here. When you first load, a good start would be by pressing F5 which will tell you all commands and controls on the server. From here you may want to take a look at your map to begin to get a feel of the city. You can always ask in OOC or in the quick support channel on discord for some help if you really need it. Remember, always roleplay! This is when you may want to think about getting your first job to start making some money in the city, you can get a job by going to the jobcenter which is market on the map. You can access the job centre here: You can then pick from one of the many non whitelisted jobs here which will all be explained how to do them below! Job Guides! Delivery Hub! You do not need to go to the job centre for this job as it doesn't require a specific job to do it! First go to the hub on the map! You can then choose the type of vehicle you want to delivery in, the bigger the vehicle - the more money! You can then begin the mission and instruction will be given to you! Taxi Job with NPC missions! When you get the taxi job you will need to go to the 'Downtown Cab Co' which is marked on the map. You will then need to clock in here: Then you will need a taxi cab! Once in the taxi you can start NPC missions by pressing F6 and then pressing the corresponding button. You can then drive around the map and you will randomly get calls from NPCs or even real players which is what the billing option is for. Once an NPC call comes through, you can drive to them and pick them up - they will then tell you where to take them. Once you take them to thier destination, you will automatically get paid by them as they leave the vehicle. Real Citizens may call you with the phone, which can be answered with the F1 key! Pool Cleaning Job You first need to head to the Pool Cleaning Cloakroom, which is marked on the map. You will then need to go on duty and get vehicle. You will then be given the destinations of the pools you need to clean on the map. Once you get to the pool and find the correct one, you will be prompted to being working. Once you have completed this you will have more pools to clean For each pool you clean you are given a receipt which is how you get paid Take the receipt and go back to the cloakroom where there is a circle to hand them in and get the money Cash in your receipts here: Miner With the Fueler, Miner and Tailor job they are all fairly similar to each other. You will be need to go to a cloakroom first to clock in and get out the vehicle You then need to go to the Rock mine, and collect rock. Then you need to wash the rock at the corresponding point on the map. Then you have to smelt the washed rock. Then you have to sell all the different types of rock at the different points on the map. Garbage Job Go to the garbage blip and clock on at the top of the stairs Then you can grab a truck from the other blip and the route will be shown on your map. Follow the route to the next location and press E to start picking up garage then you continue following the route until you return back to the depot and get paid. Postal Job Go to the GoPostal depot on the map and go on duty in this circle: Then go to the next circle and get a vehicle out for the job. Then once in the vehicle press F6 to begin the missions and follow the route and instructions given to you! Hunting Job This is another job which doesn't require the job centre but can be done at anytime. For this job you need a knife and also a gun if you want to have any success. First go to the blip on the map: Once there you can begin the hunting! You will then be given blips on the map with all the different animal areas. You will then have to find these animals and kill them, then use the knife to kill them and get the meat. You can then sell this meat back at the kiosk. Illegal Information Drugs Drug locations are all hidden somewhere with the exeption of weed which can be seen by anyone. Some clues toward drug locations can be found in a forum post. If you find where hidden drug locations are, please do not go around telling everyone - or really anyone at all for that matter. If you do want to sell them, you may but to it for a somewhat high price and do not go around advertising it everywhere as you should be trying to keep it a secret that you know of such a location. Black Market/Crafting The black market and crafting is how you get the high powered weapons and other illegal items that you may need. Most of the time you will have to buy the parts from the black market, and then craft them into weapons. Like drug locations, black market and crafting is hidden from the public eye but clues are given also just like drug locations. Some parts of crafting recipies are also here on the forums, the rest you have to figure out yourself and some recipies may not be fully complete. If you find where hidden black market/crafting locations or the crafting recipies, please do not go around telling everyone - or really anyone at all for that matter. If you do want to sell them, you may but to it for a somewhat high price and do not go around advertising it everywhere as you should be trying to keep it a secret that you know of such a location. Bad things happen at these locations so you should always be wary of going to one or becoming a criminal initially. Illegal Locations
  12. EvoCityRP Staff List As of 24/10/2019 Directors Dr Nick and Panda_builds Directors Assistant chef Senior Admins Frank Smith Administrators Big D Eyes NightOwl
  13. Dr Nick

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