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Evocity Roleplay is a roleplay community for FiveM. Feel free to explore the forums and find any answers you are looking for!

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Dr Nick

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  1. Server Changelog 13/10/2019! This is a big changelog as it fixes everything from initial public release and what has been finished off and improved since. Game Development Changed PD Job Script - Dr Nick Fixed existed jobs and added taxi job with NPC missions and pool cleaning job - Dr Nick Fixed and hid drug locations - Dr Nick Added Money Laundery (hidden) - Dr Nick Add MLO Prison Interior - Dr Nick Changed UI (hud and /showinfo etc) - Dr Nick Moved Exotic Car Dealer - Dr Nick Altered Pricing in all car dealers - Dr Nick Optimized the server - taking ~350 resources to ~140! - Dr Nick Fixed handling on all vehicles - Dr Nick Added playtime counter - Dr Nick New Police Vehicles - Dr Nick New EMS Vehicle Liveries - Dr Nick New Fishing Script - Dr Nick Added the hardware store - Dr Nick New PD (made by SLB2k11 with edited interior logos to SASP by Dr Nick) Added SASP Uniforms - Dr Nick Added more player customisation options (Jackets, wrinkles etc) - Dr Nick Added Improved ban and warn system - Panda_builds Added bunch of new properties around the map (even though new system should be coming soon ) - Dr Nick Increased fuel capacity with cars - Panda_builds Fixed small inventory issue to do with capacity - Panda_builds Added weapons to be craftable- Dr Nick Added Auto-Restarts at Midnight UK Time - Dr Nick Added Control Guide in game - Dr Nick Added Loading Screen Music - Dr Nick Fixed EMS Job Resource time warning - Dr Nick Moved one of the opium locations as it was in the middle of the ocean - Dr Nick Fixed database issue - Dr Nick Other Changes Updated website and fixed some security flaws - Dr Nick New Logo - Dr Nick Discord Bot - with live updating server status - Dr Nick Something may have been forgotten but this is most of it - server changelogs from now will be more detailed but this one is just so big and filled with random. Oh look it's Panda_builds Thanks, EvoCityRP Dev Team (Dr Nick the server doctor and Panda_buildsssss the absolute legend)
  2. EvoCityRP Staff List As of 11/10/2019 Directors Dr Nick and Panda_builds Senior Admins Frank Smith Mdrocks Administrators Dom NightOwl
  3. Dr Nick

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