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Welcome to EvoCity Roleplay

Evocity Roleplay is a roleplay community for FiveM. Feel free to explore the forums and find any answers you are looking for!

Join our discord server!

Feel free to join our discord server and talk to other members of the community.

Whitelisted Jobs

Want to join a whitelisted job? Apply now!

Whip Street Repairs Application

You have submitted your Mechanic Application!

  • What is your Steam Name?

  • What is your Discord name (Remember to Include the #)

  • What is the Name of your character?

  • How Old are you?

  • What timezone are you in (e.g GMT+1)

  • What is your server playtime (in hours)

  • If so, explain what experience you have had (it could be in real life or in RP)

  • Provide a backstory to your character.

  • (Optional)

  • Any attempt to copy another's application will result in it being denied.
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