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Welcome to EvoCity Roleplay

Evocity Roleplay is a roleplay community for FiveM. Feel free to explore the forums and find any answers you are looking for!

Join our discord server!

Feel free to join our discord server and talk to other members of the community.

Whitelisted Jobs

Want to join a whitelisted job? Apply now!

Open Applications

  • Police Application

    Application to Join the Police.

  • EMS Application

    Application to Join the EMS.

  • Stance Works Application

    Application to join Stance Works as a Car Dealer

  • Whip Street Repairs Application

    Application to join Whip Street Repairs as a Mechanic.

  • Staff Complaint

    Have a complaint about a staff member - post them here.

  • Staff Application

  • Bug Reports

    Submit a bug on the server - it could be car handling related or anything. If it is an exploit that gets you money, DM a member of Management.

  • Player Report

    Report a Player Here

  • Refund Request

    Request a refund if you lose items/money on the server that you should have. Please keep in mind we have logs for these things so don't try anything.

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